The Anxiety Within

Energy swirls within me. My body uncomfortable, In distress. Engagement pushed aside, Interest dismissed. My desire to be present Ever ignored. Spinning wildly, Thoughts without control. My mind exhausted, My eyes heavy, Tired of the constant view Even from behind eyes closed. Mind and body, Perpetually in conflict. My soul, Constantly seeking to be still.Continue reading “The Anxiety Within”

Finding Yourself: Laying Down Your Defenses

All trauma leaves traces behind, some which can be felt for a lifetime. But childhood trauma creates an impact so large, so consuming, it’s difficult to escape. The relationship you have with your caregiver is the foundation for all your future relationships. You take what you learn in your childhood forward for the rest ofContinue reading “Finding Yourself: Laying Down Your Defenses”

The Walls of Depression

The walls of my home protect me. There’s no need to act within the safety of these walls. I don’t need to be happy, be productive, be okay. I can let loose the apathy, the devastation, the sadness, the tears. I can let loose the rage at myself, the feelings of unworthiness and isolation. AllContinue reading “The Walls of Depression”

What’s the point? And why does any of it matter?

YAY – You’re here! Whether you’ve diligently read through my introduction post, browsed over it while rolling your eyes, or skipped right to this page – you’re probably wondering why any of this matters. Sure, I’ve explained why I’m typing this here and not writing in a personal journal. But that doesn’t really explain theContinue reading “What’s the point? And why does any of it matter?”